Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to Our Dedication Services!

Saturday May 26 at Kamp Kipa
10:30 Guided Tours
11:30 Lunch
1:00 Program
4:00 Dinner
8:30 Youth Discussion at Phoenix Church

The latest discussion with sheriff's department regarding the fires has been to go ahead with the dedication. They do not expect any issues with the Gladiator Fire near our camp. There will be parking attendants at the camp as well as an individual on 261 and Senator Highway intersections to assist vehicles. Temps are expected to be cool so you may want to grab a jacket.

Monday, November 7, 2011

As the construction phase ends, the teaching begins...

Over the past month a lot has happened at Kamp Kipa. We had small groups working there at the same time as we had a Mother’s Camp at a rented facility in Prescott and a Father/Son camping trip in Flagstaff.

A special announcement was made asking for a large turnout the weekend of October 15 to complete the projects needed to accommodate our first camp. Our request resulted in excess of 110 individual workers to finalize as many projects as we could. Much work was accomplished.

~ Clean and organize the kitchen, unpacking, washing, cleaning and installing shelves

~ Clean and organize the bathrooms

~ Installed all hand washing dispensers, paper towel dispensers and cleaning solution dispensers

~ Built and installed dressing room benches

~ Built the outdoor amphitheater which was ready for use at our first camp. Redwood seats need to be installed for final completion of the benches.

~ Graded, watered and packed aggregate on parking lot, road down to the lodge and cul-de-sac

~ A truck was rented to pick up all the new mattresses delivered to Prescott and delivered and placed in the sleeping cabins

~ A truck was rented to pick up the dining room chairs delivered to Prescott and delivered and placed in the lodge.

~ Installed 170’ drain tile on the East side of the lodge

~ Formed and poured ADA access sidewalk to the lodge

~ Basketball court was formed and concrete was poured and finished

~ Laid out and dug out footings for the volleyball court. The volleyball court did not get completed in time for the Post Confirmation camp.

~ All of the footings for the light poles for the basketball and volley ball courts were dug out and forms set

~ All pathway lighting was completed

~ Set up a small temporary bonfire ring for the use at Post Confirmation camp

~ All metal doors at the lodge are painted

Additional projects need to be completed this fall before closing up the camp for the winter. Several of the projects can be completed in one day with 4-6 workers per project. Project managers have been contacted to ask individuals to assist with completing these tasks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who helped contribute this year whether in person, prayer or money. God has blessed our camp.

ADA Ramp


Basketball Pad

Bathroom Sinks

Working on drain system, east side of lodge

The teaching begins

The first camp held at Kipa, Post Confirmation Camp

The cooks enjoyed the new kitchen

Serving the students

Guests from Ecuador

Friday, September 9, 2011

Video Update

See links to right to view a video update taken during work week 2011

Kamp Kipa Work Week 2011

Thank you to all who worked at Kamp Kipa over the last couple weeks, we had an excellent turnout!

Saturday, August 27, 2011 81 people including cooks and kitchen helpers
Thursday, September 1, 2011 16 people including cooks and kitchen helpers
Friday, September 2, 2011 20 people including cooks and kitchen helpers
Saturday, September 3, 2011 76 people including cooks and kitchen helpers
As well as additional workers throughout the week prior to Labor Day

Worked on and completed:
  • Repaired or replaced all damaged piers under the sleeping cabins and staff cabin
  • All preliminary cleaning has been completed in preparation for the crew who will work on the final finish on the lodge floor
  • Installed steel doors for the lodge
  • Installed gas line
  • Worked on rip rap roadside by lodge to staff cabin steps- 70% complete 9/3/11
  • Prepared AB pad for propane tank and dug trench for propane line
  • Finished AB patio and steps on west side of lodge
  • Installed fascia on boys side ramada
  • Installed screws on all septic covers and built a design feature, ready for inspection
  • Added AB around the camp where needed
  • Dug out septic pipe from girls bathhouse to septic tank and added cleanouts
  • Rip rap drainage area behind cabin #2
  • Finished exterior painting by freezer and electrical panel
  • Spray painted interior duct work in main lodge
  • Touched up paint in kitchen
  • Finished stain on railings of staff cabin
  • Painted exterior of girls and boys saunas
  • Installed patio and step railings at the lodge
  • Stucco patio face at the lodge
  • Installed and wired controllers in the girls and boys bathhouse saunas
  • Finished wiring in the water treatment equipment room
  • Installed cedar siding and benches in the interior of both the girls and the boys saunas
There are various punch list items that will be worked on throughout the month of September which includes grounds work, painting, carpentry and installing the boys and girls sauna stoves.

A sample of stone work to be installed on Lodge

Installing light fixtures

Inside a sauna

Inside a bathhouse

Inside a bathhouse, featuring new polyurea coating

Tori M working in kitchen

Ovens in kitchen

Lattice under staff cabin

Steps from east side of lodge

Adding AB on east side of lodge

Packing AB on west side of lodge

Under-cabin work

Jaque C cleaning

Break time

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 20 2011

Kamp Kipa 2006

Kamp Kipa 2011

We had a very good turnout this Saturday, about 60 people including cooks and kitchen help. Thank you to all who continue to give your time and effort to build a camp.

Worked on and completed this week:

Completed backfill of girl's side drain field

Completed rough grade for the camp storage units

Removed three large trees that needed to be dropped for safety purposes

Cut area from hillside south of the girl's side drainfield to prepare a pad for a basketball court

Girl's sauna and bathhouse roof was worked on

Several crews hauled brush from the cabin areas to burn

Up to 20 guys gathered and placed rock on the hillside west of the lodge

Two chain saw crews cut down logs and brush throughout the camp to movable lengths for burning and removal

Completed interior sheeting and paint in the water treatment room, it is ready for equipment to be installed

The drain lines were finished and tied into the collection box and were backfilled

Installed two septic tanks by the girl's bathroom, they need to be adjusted for height, leveled and backfilled

Five electricians worked throughout the camp. We were able to get a majority of the electrical completed:
Exterior lights on lodge and bathhouse
Kitchen is almost complete
Finished wiring for refrigerator and freezer, both are working as expected

Continued work on the west side retaining wall and extended patio. 8-12 guys worked on this throughout the day making it 80% complete


Electricians in kitchen

Rory S installing exterior light on lodge

Man and machine working together

Work on the west side

More work on west side, along path leading to future amphitheater

West side of lodge

Very big holding tanks

Stihls at a stand-still

Felling trees



Girl's side drain field

More on girl's side

Working on bathhouse roof

On bathhouse roof

Spraying polyurea coating in bathhouse

Doesn't this look nice?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Two Weeks of August

The last two weeks have seen a better turnout. Thank you to all the kitchen help who have continued to prepare lunches each Saturday this summer and also for all the homemade baked goods.

Worked on and completed:
~ The steps from the Main Lodge to the Outdoor Amphitheater are complete.
~ All drilling and rebar is complete throughout the camp.
~ Continued to burn brush.
~ Drain field backfill is complete on the girls side.
~ Saunas have been sided and are ready for paint. The metal roof was installed on the boys sauna, the girls sauna roof is yet to be completed.
~ Sprayed on a polyurea coating, which is a rubber based coating, in place of tile to waterproof the walls, showers and floors in the boys and girls bathrooms.
~ Most of the kitchen equipment has been delivered.
~ Installed the walk-in refrigerator and freezer.
~ ADA bathroom prepped for tiling.
~ Final electrical in the lodge is complete.
~ Built diversion dams and placed rip rap to minimize erosion.
~ Moved several hundred tons of dirt and AB to backfill from the septic to the drain field and to the expanded patio off of the lodge.
~ Worked on water treatment room. Wiring, framing and siding is complete. The interior sheeting is being worked on this week (8/15/11).
~ Dug out for the last septic tank, waiting to install new tanks. The plan is to install them this week (8/15/11).
~ Collection box for the girls side drain field was installed. Need to finish tying in all of the connector boxes this week (8/15/11).

There are 2 summer working weekends left. We have a need for many workers for each weekend for the rest of the summer.

In summary there are hundreds and hundreds of estimated man hours remaining to complete our summer goals. We would like to remind everyone to help by coming up to Kamp Kipa so we can be ready to hold our first camp this fall.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30 2011

A view from future amphitheater

Again this weekend we had 22 people including cooks. A few tasks were filled but many more remain. Thank you to all who have been able to help at Kamp.

Worked on and completed:
  • The steps from the Outdoor Amphitheater to the Main Lodge started.
    (50% complete)
  • Drilling and rebar was completed on the girls side, additional steps will need to be completed on both the girls and boys side.
  • Burned one pile of brush on the boys side.
  • Work continued on the girls side drain field with finishing sand base, pipes and pads. The girls side drain field needs to be backfilled, unable to backfill due to a flat tire on the tractor.
  • Started the keystone block retaining wall on the East side of the Main Lodge. (80% complete)
  • Boys and girls sauna roofs were dried in.
  • Demolition was completed of the old building that the water filtration equipment will be placed in.   To be completed: There are 4 summer working weekends left.  We have a need for many workers for each weekend for the rest of the summer.

    See "To Do List" at right

    There are hundreds and hundreds of estimated man hours remaining to complete our summer goals. We would like to remind everyone to help by coming up to Kamp Kipa so we can be ready to hold our first camp this fall.

Retaining wall on east side of lodge

Ben G and Steve W work on retaining wall

Retaining wall at 80% completion

Bill S drying in sauna roof

Young men hauling brush

Laying pads in drainfield

Girl's side drainfield ready for backfill

Tyler and Aaron A working on steps from future amphitheater to lodge

The kitchen help multitasking

Alex G hauling AB

The benches from upper ramada now on south side of lodge

Kitchen Help

Nick G enjoying his burger

Mike J is happy to cook week after week!